Introducing Khanco — a leading Omani metals
solutions company with over 30 years experience serving government and industry.

Established in 1971 by Mr. Dawood Khan in response to the region’s growing oil industry and His Majesty’s vision as a global resource, Khanco today provides customized, turn-key metals solutions. A fully-integrated, modern fabricator with over 10,000 sqm of production area, Khanco’s reputation for high quality and service have helped the company grow from a few to nearly fifty skilled craftsmen and engineers.

It is Khanco’s pioneering design and fabrication expertise that makes it a company of choice for many Omani government offices and leading area industries. Whether it is a simple frame construction or a comprehensive mobile facility, Khanco turns raw materials and customer needs into finished solutions that deliver quality and value.

Located in Misfah, Boushar, all the company’s capabilities are in-house, thus providing fast and reliable turnaround times — avoiding common logistical delays. The facility is also fully insured and protected with online video surveillance to provide worry-free fabrication and storage of all customer components.

Khanco’s location near the port city of Muscat, Oman and
convenient access to the Arabian Sea provides easy shipping for customers all over the world. Map